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around the table?

For Jesus, it was important to gather around the table. The same is true for us. As we vision for the future of our church, the VRFUMC Vision Team invites you to come “Around the Table” for conversation and fellowship. 

What is “Around the Table”? 

Around the Table is an opportunity for 8-10 church members or attendees to have open conversations about God’s future for our church while they share in a meal together. Each dinner group will have a host. Most of the hosts will be members of the Vision Team.

Where will the dinner groups meet? 

Dinner groups will either meet in the home of the host or another agreed to location.

How will the dinner groups be formed? 

Once the sign-up is complete the Vision Team will form each group. The hope is that you will meet new people through your dinner group. We intend for spouses to be kept together.

What will be required of me? 

Other than an evening of your time, an open heart and mind about how you see God moving through our church. The host will guide the conversation. They might also ask you to bring a food item to share.

When will the dinner groups be held? 

Once groups are formed the host will be in contact with their group to coordinate a time in either May, June, or July. While that may seem like a busy time of year for most of us, is there truly a time that’s not? Not really.  

What are the ages? 

College age and up.

Will childcare be available? 

That’s our intention. Once groups are formed, we will assess the need for childcare and if there is a need, it will be provided.

How often will these dinner groups meet around the table? 

For now, just this once. But we are open to the movement of the Holy Spirit!

How do I sign-up? 

There are three ways to sign-up. You can sign up in the front church lobby, by calling the church office, or on the church website.

Is there a deadline to sign-up? 

Yes. The last day to sign-up in order to give the Vision Team time to plan accordingly is Sunday, April 28 (Mission Impact Sunday).

I hope you’ll prayerfully consider participating in this great way to not only be connected, but also be part of the future of our church.


Pastor Erik