The fruit Jesus expected of those connected to him was to love each other. This love is grounded in receiving God's free love expressed through Jesus Christ's life, death, and resurrection through faith. When this connection takes place, the natural response is the love of God and others. We seek to tangibly express this love through relationships, serving others in the community through acts of kindness, and meeting the needs of the world’s most desperate and deprived people. At The Garden, we call this Compassion.

Compassion is the combination of “Com and Passion,” which literally translated means “with passion.” We will love our community and the world with passion. This passion is developed as followers of Jesus discover more about God, discover their individual strengths, and discover their spiritual giftedness. This discovery will take place through the discipleship process and the community of small groups. VRFUMC at The Garden will also offer frequent learning experiences called “Planting.” These courses will be a catalyst for personal discovery, growth, and service. As God begins to reveal individual plantings, The Garden will encourage and support ministries surrounding those individuals.

We will strive to be simple in our compassion ministries. Our compassion ministries will center on an Acts 1:8 principle .