Connect Groups

Thank you for your interest in connect groups. Connect groups are the primary means of adult discipleship at VRFUMC. They take place during the week and they replenish the discipleship element of the Christian life that Sunday School has historically filled. The connect group model reaches much farther back into Christian history, to the model of Jesus investing his life in 12 men.

Connect groups at VRFUMC are designed to grow organically, mimicking the way God designed biological life. That's why Connect Groups are designed to multiply after reaching a critical mass of 12-15 active adults. That's also why some church's call this a cell group.

Married and single persons are welcome at all groups. Groups are organized by location, day and subject as indicated on the chart link below. Childcare is determined by each groups makeup. Some groups have childcare on site(up to 10 children). We will also reimburse you for bringing your own childcare to your home.